*How long will it take to receive my proof?*
A: While we aim to get proofs emailed to you within 1 business day, during periods of high volume this make take 2 business days. Please note that your proofing time does not begin until we have all of the information (and photos, if applicable) for your order. Weekends and major holidays are not included in proofing times as we are closed.

*What if I need my invitations ASAP?*

A: Unfortunately, we do not accept rush orders. If you need your invitations immediately and cannot wait for printing and shipping, we recommend purchasing our “Print Your Own” digital option. We will design your invitation and email you a 300DPI high resolution file to print the invitations on your own at a local photo lab or print shop.

*Can you edit my photos?*
A: Photo editing is included in our pricing, so there is no additional fee. We can crop, tint, brighten and provide other basic editing options. Depending upon the photo, items such as scratches on a child’s face can be erased as well.

*What is the difference between a photo paper invitation and a cardstock invitation?*
A: Photo paper invitations are exactly as they sound—they are simply single sided photo paper, like any photo that you would print at a photo lab. Our photo paper invitations are printed in Kodak Professional Lustre Finish paper by a professional lab. Cardstock invitations are printed on a thicker paper similar to a Hallmark card. These invitations are printed on both the front and the back side using state of the art presses and real liquid ink (vs. toner). Photo paper invitations can be ordered in any quantity over 25, while cardstock cards must be ordered in groups of 25. Envelopes are included with all printed orders.

*I need less than 25 invitations. Can you still print my greetings?*
A: Unfortunately, our printers cannot print orders of less than 25 cards. Our digital “Print Your Own” option is a great solution for someone who only needs a few invitations!

*Can I place an order via phone?*
A: Orders must be placed through our website for record keeping purposes. We do not provide customer service via phone.


*How long will it take to receive my invitations in the mail?*
A: Orders are not sent to printing until you have reviewed and approved of your proofs. After approval, orders ship within 24-48 hours and will be delivered in accordance with the shipping method you chose (5 business days for FedEx Ground or 2 Days for FedEx Air). If you would like your invitations shipped via Overnight Delivery, contact us for a quote as prices vary.

*Can you ship outside of the US?*
A: At this time we only ship within the US due to excessive shipping costs outside of North America. However, you can still enjoy our greetings by ordering the digital file and printing your own invitations at a local photo lab or print shop. Not only will this save you high shipping costs, but you can have your greetings much sooner!


*Can I see my photos on more than one design?*
A: Due to the time investment, we ask that you only choose one design. If you would like to see your photos on more than one greeting, there is an additional $10 fee. However, if you would like to try two or three different photos on your one design, we would be happy to do so at no extra charge.

*I don’t quite see what I had in mind. Can you create a custom design?*
A: We accept custom orders on a case-by-case basis, so please contact us in advance to see if we can help. If our schedule allows and we have the materials to create what you’re looking for we would be happy to create a custom design. There is an additional $25 design fee for custom designs and on average a 5 day proofing time.

*Can I change fonts, colors, or graphics on a design?*
A: Yes! Our greetings are not made from templates and therefore can be customized. Fonts, colors, wording, patterns, and in most cases graphics and the number/placement of photos can be altered. Make a note of an design changes in the “personalization information” box on the order form.


*How do I print my invitations from the digital file?*
A: We will email you the digital file of your invitation in a JPEG format that is identical to a photo taken with a digital camera. Simply print the file at a local or online photo lab as you would print any normal digital photo. If you will be printing on cardstock instead of photo paper, we would be happy to send you the invitation in a PDF format instead. Please keep in mind that the invitation will only print correctly as one size (which you choose when ordering). We recommend choosing where you will print and as what size prior to ordering as there is an additional $10 fee to resize the invitation.

*Where can I print the digital file of my invitation?*
A: You can print on photo paper at home or any online or local photo lab. Just print as you would a normal digital photo. For a local photo lab we recommend Costco, or online Mpix.com. Lustre (semigloss) finish paper is best. If you prefer to print on cardstock instead of photo paper, we recommend Staples, OfficeMax, Office Depot, or Mpix.com. We are not affiliated with any of these stores, nor do we endorse them.
Most online printers have specific size and margin requirements for cardstock cards. We will need to know where you will be printing your cardstock cards BEFORE starting your proofs to design your greeting to the correct specifications.

*If I order the digital file, where do I find envelopes to fit my invitations?*
A: Envelopes can be found at office supply stores, craft stores such as Michaels, A.C. Moore, and Hobby Lobby, or online suppliers such as ActionEnvelope.com.

*I need a size other than 4x6 or 5x7. Can you still design my greeting?*
A: Absolutely! Just make a note in the “additional information” box when placing your order with the size.




*What is the difference between cardstock and photo paper cards?*
A: Photo paper cards are single sided and printed on a lustre finish photo paper. They are identical to a photograph. Cardstock cards are press-printed on both the front and back sides. Cardstock cards come in 4 different paper styles. 

*What is the difference between the smooth matte, linen, watercolor and soft touch matte cardstock paper options?*
A: The print quality does not vary between the cardstock papers so the paper you choose is a matter of personal preference. The smooth matte paper is exactly how it sounds, and is a good choice for someone who wants a simple card or a card with a lot of photos. The linen and watercolor papers are a bit thinner than our other paper choices (.34 and .35mm vs. .40mm), but offer texture to the paper. Linen has the same slight texture as a linen fabric and the water color paper has a slightly rippled texture. Both are matte finish. Our FAVORITE paper is the soft touch matte. This paper has a smooth texture but a slight feel of velvet or suede. Some people describe the paper as feeling like rose petals. This texture does not affect the print quality and amazes card recipients, which makes it a favorite of ours because it makes your card special!


*Do you accept returns?*
A: Due to the customized nature of our products and our proofing process we do no accept returns. Our items are created specifically to your event and we allow you to review the proofs prior to printing to request any alterations. We are happy to make as many alterations to your proofs as needed, but once you have given approval to print your items there can be no further changes made. For digital files to print on your own: we save digital files for 60 days and are happy to make changes to your digital files within that window. After 60 days we no longer have your files to make changes to.


* * * Still have questions? Contact us at lilsproutgreetings@gmail.com and we would be happy to answer your questions via email. * * *