The blog and website have taken a bit of a back seat the past few months, as we've added a new "Lil' Sprout" to our family...

lil sprout greetings grady 1

Meet Grady. Loved by his parents, but most of all by his big brother. He's got us all wrapped around his little finger. And fast forward 4 months...

lil sprout greetings grady 2

This little man is growing waaaay too fast! He will stop crying in an instant when his big brother walks into the room and loves to babble and screech. We couldn't be more in love with this sweet boy. 

I've recently added a simplified version of his birth announcement to the website. I designed the front to be simple and we added an 8-photo collage to the back as a way of sharing as many photos as possible with our families (who all live 600 miles away!). For the site I've decided to keep the back more of a simple design as you'll see below. I've also included a girls version in a soft pink shade. These print beautifully on a white, matte cardstock and the simplicity allows baby's photo to be the focus. 

grady boy birth announcement

brynn girl birth announcement

As with any of our designs, colors can be changed and photos can be added to the back side of cardstock cards for an additional fee.